Blewbury Centre Liveries

All prices on application, telephone 01235 85106.

DIY - Includes stable, shared turnout (mares and geldings are not mixed), hay/haylage, straw/shavings, basic short feed, use of indoor schools and show jump field.

DIY (with assistance) - as for DIY plus putting in prepared hay nets and feeds, taking to or bringing in from the field.

Basic Livery - As for DIY plus all feeding and mucking out/turn out.

By arrangement - exercise, schooling and lunging.

Competition and schooling livery.

We acknowledge owners have their own opinion of what they would like for their horses and we are happy to be advised of individual requirements.

Lorry/trailer parking.


* Livery paid calculated on a calendar month, paid by standing order a month in advance, a calender month notice (Notice to have been received by the 1st day of the last month stabling is required).

* Clients are respectfully asked to turn out arena and stable lights and to close road gates in the evenings.

* Treat and speak to other clients/staff as they would like to be spoken to.

* Consideration to tidiness and please return equipment to its respective store.

* When sharing the schools consideration to other users and do not jump unless everyone sharing the school is happy.

* All outstanding fees to have been paid before horses are removed from Blewbury Centre.


Please contact us if you would like to know more.